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Waterfall Kitchen Island Counters

Here’s some kitchen refurbishment inspiration to stir your imagination.

Kitchen renovations have been occupying the thoughts of our team at Premiere Klasse recently. We’ve been pondering extensively on the concept of waterfall worktops for kitchen islands. The design involves the kitchen countertop material cascading down the sides of the island units. The resultant visual impression gives the kitchen island a wrapped appearance in marble, quartz, concrete, wood, or metal, creating a stylish, continuous look.

Keep reading to learn about these impressive worktops and see seven examples that we’re absolutely smitten with.

Waterfall Kitchen Island counters

What Exactly is a Waterfall Worktop?

Waterfall worktops have emerged as leading contenders in interior design in recent times. However, in our opinion, they’re more than just a trend – they’re a timeless aspect of kitchen design. First introduced in homes during the initial half of the twentieth century, they now serve as the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional design. Essentially, in a waterfall kitchen island, the worktop material doesn’t merely cover the top of a base; it also extends down the sides of the base.

Is a Waterfall Kitchen Island Worktop Right for You?

If you’re seeking a chic, modern enhancement for your kitchen area, we recommend exploring the waterfall worktop concept. These are not just visually appealing, but they also have practical advantages. Here are some reasons why you might prefer a waterfall worktop:

Extra Protection for your Base Units

Given that the worktop material extends to cover the sides of the base units, the likelihood of chipping or damaging the unit’s finish is minimised. Furthermore, you can clean the sides in the same way as the top, which provides a straightforward method for maintaining a neat kitchen.

Increased Storage Capacity

As waterfall worktops typically project beyond the base units, they offer a clever way to stow bar stools. You might also consider adding sockets on the sides of the worktop, a novel feature that can significantly enhance your kitchen experience.

Distinctive Appearance

If your kitchen is in need of a distinctive centrepiece, a waterfall worktop will meet the mark. Depending on your choice of worktop material and colour, you can achieve harmony with your kitchen’s other elements and hues. The seamless transition from floor to worktop also creates a more natural ambiance, as though the worktop is sprouting from the floor.

Top Materials for Waterfall Kitchen Island Worktops

The material choice is crucial when it comes to waterfall kitchen island worktops. Your chosen material can either create a discreet, seamless look or transform the island into a showstopper. Here are some frequently used materials:


Famed for its elegant veining, marble makes a stunning addition to any minimalist kitchen. However, marble is a softer stone requiring more maintenance than granite or quartz. Selecting a durable finish and periodically resurfacing the worktop can help manage some of these maintenance issues.


A favourite for its strength and resilience, granite offers both practicality and style. It can endure high temperatures from cookware and is highly resistant to chipping. It is a porous material, however, so some fluids, if left unattended for too long, could penetrate the surface.


With its ease of maintenance and a plethora of colour options, quartz has surged in popularity as a worktop material in recent years. Exercise caution when choosing between natural quartzite and engineered quartz, as they each have their advantages and drawbacks. Quartzite, generally more durable, needs resealing every few years, while engineered quartz cannot withstand high temperatures but doesn’t require resealing.


A rising favourite for its warm, homely vibe, wooden worktops can make any dwelling feel welcoming while being a cost-effective choice. However, they fall short in the maintenance department. Wood needs regular resealing, is more susceptible to damage, and can harbour bacteria if not properly sealed.

7 of Our Preferred Waterfall Kitchen Island Worktops

So, which of these 7 waterfall worktop styles is your top choice?

White Minimalism

White Minimalism kitchen island

This minimalistic white waterfall kitchen island counter adds a touch of modernity that pairs so well with the rustic ceiling beams!

Bold Black

Bold Black kitchen island

We love how this black waterfall countertop outlines the wood base cabinets, helping them stand out against the matching wood flooring.

Soothing Peninsula

Soothing Peninsula countertop

Don’t have space for a full kitchen island? Try a waterfall peninsula for a similar look. We like how they paired this white one with the heathered wood.

Cool Concrete

Cool Concrete kitchen island

Carrara Casing

Carrara Casing kitchen island

We love the elegance of this Carrara marble island paired with the light cabinetry and flooring.

Marble and Wood Grains

Marble and Wood Grains kitchen island

Marvel at the generous storage and seating capacity this island provides!

Advice for Selecting and Upkeeping a Waterfall Kitchen Island Counter

Having made up your mind on acquiring a waterfall kitchen island, you’re no doubt keen to understand how to pick and maintain it. Here are some astute suggestions:

  1. Evaluate your kitchen environment – consider the existing aesthetic of your kitchen and the outcome you’re aiming for.
  2. Be mindful of joins – large stone slabs capable of covering an entire counter space are a rarity. Consequently, it may prove challenging to locate a slab sufficient to create a seamless waterfall worktop. Make sure you’ve considered the pattern of your preferred worktop material and the sealants you’ll be using to fill the joins.
  3. Choose your seating with care – the chairs you opt to place at your waterfall kitchen island counter can significantly alter the overall look. When you’re picking your worktop and seats, it’s essential to consider them as a complementary pair.
  4. Maintain your worktop conscientiously – whilst looking after your waterfall counter, remember not to neglect those striking sides that originally caught your eye.

Now that we’ve explored the remarkable visual enhancement a sleek waterfall countertop can bring to a home, which among the seven waterfall counters we’ve showcased is your top pick?

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