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Open Plan Kitchens: 15 Key Design Lessons From Stylish Spaces

Get inspired with these open plan kitchens — with layout ideas, practical tips, stylish storage and the latest design trends

Open plan kitchens have been a firm favourite among self builders and home improvers for well over a decade now, while ideas and designs are ever-changing.

The perfect blend between a practical kitchen area and a social entertaining space, open plan kitchens are often the hub of the home, offering somewhere for the family to congregate and keep better connected. What’s more, they’re the perfect space for celebrating summer lunches or Christmas with guests.

The best open plan kitchen ideas provide versatility to design a space that works for you. 

The ever-adapting nature of open plan kitchens interestingly reflects how our lifestyle and the way we use our homes is evolving. And that’s not just new homes that are including open plan layouts, period-style homes with smaller rooms are being renovated, extended and remodelled to embrace the informal way of living.

Here, we’ve brought together our top open plan kitchen ideas, tips and advice to help you plan your space. 

Is an Open Plan Kitchen a Good Idea? 

Open plan kitchens are high on many homeowners wish-lists, and for good reason, The open and airy space allows for multifunctional use, from cooking and dining through to an area for the children’s homework or a space for entertaining. It’s true that the kitchen really is the hub of the home, where the family gathers and cherish memories are made.

However, one of the big questions we asked of our homes in the last couple of years is how functional open plan living really is, especially when whole families found themselves sharing their homes for work, school, socialising and more, for the majority of the day. And this has really influenced how we approach both kitchen design and designing our homes in general.

For all of their benefits, open plan living doesn’t always work, There are several reasons for this. Sometimes the absence of walls can make for very noisy households. We all also need our own space from time to time, and it’s not ideal to have to shut ourselves away to get it. 

However, rather than spelling the end of open plan living, the latest kitchen trends for 2023 take into account ways to create pockets of privacy for when you need them. 

From layout ideas and how to zone an open plan kitchen, to material choices, storage and appliances, these real spaces offer plenty of inspiration for your own kitchen design

kitchen design trends

1. Tailor an Open Plan Layout to Your Requirements

Tailor an Open Plan Kitchen Layout

In times gone by, smaller rooms each had a distinct function, but with open plan living catering to activities like socialising, cooking, working from home and watching TV, the usual lines are a little bit more blurred. 

The beauty of open plan kitchen layout ideas is that they can be tailored to every lifestyle requirement, so it’s best to start off a plan simply with what you will be using the room for, as well as any interesting architectural features, and creating ‘zones’ from there. 

You should always start your kitchen design process by understanding how you might use your space, the kitchen is nearly always the most hardworking room in the home, meaning it has to function effortlessly and withstand continuous use.

It is also the little things that make a kitchen perfect, such as making the fridge easily accessible when cooking, having a special place for your chopping boards and knowing where to put your bin so the functionality of your kitchen is flawless. After all, one of the cornerstones of every kitchen is combining function and practicality with your wants, needs and personality.

2. Don’t Dismiss Open Galley Kitchen Layouts

Open Galley Kitchen Layouts

Slim or small kitchens are often considered awkward in terms of layouts, but if your space is long and narrow, by incorporating well-considered galley kitchen ideas an open plan kitchen can really shine. 

When designing her own kitchen remodel, Helen Parker (creative director at deVOL used a galley layout to her advantage: “Zoning the distinct areas was based on the architecture and period of the house — this room has such beautiful arched windows that lend themselves to a dining area, so my kitchen table absolutely had to go there. I also knew I wanted a big Lacanche cooker and a large marble sink, so it almost designed itself in terms of layout. 

“The two ends of the room – for cooking and for seating – are instrumental in breaking up the potential long run of cupboards which can be a problem in a galley kitchen. To help keep a feeling of width and avoid a long narrow ‘galley’ feel I avoided wall cupboards and have our glass-fronted Curiosity Cupboard which allows for practical storage and pretty display of colourful kitchenware.”

3. Think About the Essentials to Include Open Plan Kitchen

Open Plan Kitchen

Open plan kitchens need to include materials that can withstand high amounts of traffic and various uses, so be sure to consider all kinds of Kitchen flooring ideas and worktop options. 

For cooks who entertain on a regular basis or families who enjoy cooking together, a large amount of prepping space is important and a couple of sinks in different locations is also very useful.

While open plan kitchens tend to be made up of kitchen, dining and living areas, these aren’t the only things that could be included in the space. A play room for children is perfect as you can keep an eye on them while using the open plan space, while a snug, bar area or ulility room could also be incorporated into your open plan design. 

4. Introduce a Home Office in an Open Plan Kitchen

Open Plan Kitchen

With the rise of working from home, there’s a lot to be said about considering a home office design alongside your kitchen. In the daytime, you might find it’s quiet enough to act as a work space, while offering you potentially the brightest and most inspiring room of the house, compared to a small study. 

But what should you consider? For regular work from home from the kitchen, a dedicated space is preferable to working at the island. Think about where a desk may be incorporated into a kitchen — try to have it slightly set apart to ensure it can be kept out of sight and mind on the weekends. Why not consider a desk behind pocket doors that can be shut away when not in use?

Most importantly, consider what in the kitchen could disrupt your work plans. Choosing Quietmark approved appliances is a good idea for a multi-functional space at the best of times, but especially when you’ve got an important Zoom meeting but washing in the machine. 

A separate utility room with noisy appliances, with a door that shuts, is another way to ensure both your peace and peace of mind. 

5. Conceal Clutter and Mess

open plan kitchen space

Something to bear in mind while designing an open plan space is how kitchen clutter will affect the living or dining areas. Obviously if entertaining with a dinner party, no one wants to be looking at plates stacked up and although we all want to be on-top of clearing up, this isn’t always the case after a long day.

This kitchen extension and conversion of an old blacksmith’s forge has been cleverly designed so that the kitchen area is hidden from the dining space by an upstand — no worrying about dirty dishes and clutter ruining mealtimes. 

6. Use the Room Shape to Your Advantage

kitchen room shape

Designing an open plan kitchen from scratch can be a daunting task. Now only will it impact the cooking area, but also the relaxation and social areas. There is a lot to consider, so a good idea is to take the room shape and work with it to inspire special or unique elements that can inform the layout. 

Be it combining the kitchen sink with a window vista to daydream while washing up (as above), an alcove reading nook in a seating area or a cosier spot for intimate dining with guests. 

Here, the kitchen is carefully tucked around the corner from the large living space (out of shot to the left), but the long island design means the breakfast bar straddles the two spaces. The change of ceiling height from cooking to dining areas also subtly affects the atmospheres. 

7. Get the Balance of Kitchen Units Right

Balance of Kitchen Units Right

Mixing and matching different sizes and types of kitchen units will not only help to serve you later down the line when using the kitchen day-to-day, but forming an essential list of the units your kitchen requires will assist in the overall design of the layout, orientation and, on occasion, style. 

From small spice drawers to concealing large appliances, take inventory of how you cook, if your living area will require kitchen shelving ideas to display treasured objects, and if your dining space will include freestanding sideboards. 

Modern kitchen ideas have come a long way and suppliers have thousands of innovative new designs and solutions, such as the ever-popular pan drawers or half-size larder unit, that will make the most of the space you have. 

Simple and sleek, yet large-format pan drawers in this kitchen don’t just provide a contemporary look, but also can store plates, bowls and pots more efficiently than cupboards, while everything in easy to access. 

8. Outsource Storage in Large Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Large Kitchen and Dining Rooms

While still open plan, the cooking and dining spaces retain their own areas thanks to a wide opening between the two, made possible by the oak frame of the house, designed and built by Border Oak

Open plan kitchens often suffer from the lack of wall space where storage would usually be hung upon or run against. The trick to the success of this space lies in the continuation of the bespoke kitchen units into the dining room, allowing for bulky appliances or even a dedicated breakfast area to be outsourced.

This works particularly well when looking for kitchen extension ideas, as a pantry or larder space can be devised alongside the main kitchen storage. 

9. Built-in Appliances Work Well in Small Open Plan Kitchens

Small Open Plan Kitchens

Whether in a small kitchen extension or a small remodel, finding built-in appliances that can slot in alongside runs of cabinetry will ensure an open plan kitchen functions as it should. 

As ovens are no longer limited to the spot beneath the hob, positioning this appliance at eye level will assist a smooth cooking flow — but remember, where there may be high traffic around an island or through a galley, source ovens with slide-away doors to prevent bumps and burns. 

Large appliances like dishwashers, fridges and freezers can also be purchased in drawer formats these days, meaning facade door fronts are the thing of the past and these frequently-used items are integrated into the kitchen design. 

10. Use Materials to Create a Holistic Scheme

Kitchen Materials to Create a Holistic Scheme

If your home uses an interesting build material (say, brick, stone or oak frame) use this as inspiration to continue through the interior design and material choices. 

For instance, in this home timber in various guises has been used to unite the kitchen and dining areas in the timber units and contrasting timber and quartz kitchen worktop ideas, exposed frame and oak dining furniture. 

A similar effect could be used with exposed brick or timber panelling accompanied by other textures and colours in the interiors. There’s a lot to ply with in open plan spaces – from flooring and lighting to sofas and artwork – so these elements can be introduced in various ways. 

The very nature of oak frame lends itself extremely well to open-plan homes, with the frame itself acting as both a visual and, where required, physical divide, right at the design stage, have a conversation with your architect about how the frame could be used to ensure each space can have its own separate feel even when open to another.

11. Include Built-in Seating in Small Open-Plan Kitchens

Open-Plan Kitchens

In an open plan kitchen, the design hangs on the interaction between the kitchen, especially the island, and dining or living room. Where space is tight, there are some brilliant design ideas out there for kitchen islands with banquette seating attached. 

A freestanding table and chairs can really encroach on space, built-in bench seating arranged around a table makes perfect sense in many cases, coming off the wall or the units themselves.

This is a super effective way to use the space, as banquette seating means you don’t need to create space around the dining table for guests to get to their chairs and pull them out, meaning your dining table can be closer to the island. It’s also an effective and stylish way of uniting the two spaces and ensuring your open plan kitchen doesn’t feel disparate. 

12. Use Simple Visual Divides in Open Plan Kitchen, Living and Dining Rooms

Open Plan Kitchen, Living and Dining Rooms

Oak frame interiors lend themselves beautifully to subtle, but effective visual divisions for large kitchen, dining and living areas. 

The L shaped kitchen dining and play area in this modern farmhouse has been ingeniously divided using the oak frame. 

The set-up is perfect for a family who wants to keep an eye on young children while they cook without having a space that is too large to function. 

Open plan kitchen ideas

One tricky point to navigate when designing a new kitchen is deliberating what is a timeless, but modern style to include and what is a fad trend that will make the room feel outdated within a few years. 

Thankfully many current design trends provide the backdrop for an elegant kitchen that can be updated as times changes: including herringbone flooring inspiration and wooden kitchen ideas. 

Opting to include painted kitchen ideas for timeless shaker-style or in-line doors will also ensure that if you feel differently about a bold colour choice, or just need a refresh in the decor, they simply be sanded down and repainted. 

14. Go for a Small U-shaped Design

Small U-shaped Kitchen Design

Small open plan kitchens can work really well, where the lack of walls makes it possible for light to flow well and frees up floorspace for other uses. 

In this space, units have been painted in a dark, bold colour to contrast with the light and airy interior design of the rest of the room. Cleverly, the peninsula of the U-shaped design creates a social space, while creating a clear divide between cooking and living areas. 

U shaped kitchen ideas and layouts are great for smaller spaces as they offer plenty of workspace while essential appliances (like fridge, sink and hob) are never too far out of reach.

15. Remember Good Lighting is Vital in Open Kitchens

Lighting in Open Kitchens

Kitchen lighting ideas and requirements vary from the needs of a living room or dining area. 

Task lighting is essential to get right in cooking areas, but perhaps opt for dimmable LEDs or separate circuits so when the activity of the evening shifts to watching TV or having a drink with friends in the other spaces of the room the lighting can be adapted appropriately. 

With a lighting design planned on a DIY basis, the extended terrace beautifully layers artificial LEDs with natural lighting. A glass clerestory window illuminates the new eating area from above, spotlights provide practical lighting and the pendants are helpful not only for task working at the island, but also to create a focal feature in the stunning space.  

Does an Open Plan Kitchen Add Value? 

An open plan kitchen definitely adds value in your daily life, if not monetarily, as it integrates perfectly with the rest of the house, It’s not a closed area, you can cook while interacting with your friends/family. 

An open plan kitchen also brings back the kitchen to the heart of the house to transform it into a home. More and more, people want to integrate the aesthetics of their kitchen with the rest of the living space to create a common theme for their cocoon. Having an open plan kitchen allows you to use it as a central masterpiece of your living area.

What is a Good Size for an Open Plan Kitchen?

There is no perfect size for an open plan kitchen, if it’s a linear layout then maybe between 3.5 to 4 meters to be able to fit in the essentials (dishwasher, larder, cooking unit…).

If we are talking about an open plan kitchen with an island, we recommend around 1.2 metres between your main run and your island. At a minimum we recommend a metre, to ensure that walking around your kitchen is still fluid and comfortable. If your kitchen has a breakfast bar, allow 70cm for each seat to avoid feeling cramped.”

No matter the size of kitchen, carefully thought out cupboards is key to how the kitchen works and flows, remember to consider the preparation space around the cooker and sink area, you’ll need plenty of room either side of these stations. 

For the cooker area, you’ll need space for baking trays that come straight out of the oven, while the sink area needs plenty of room for stackable pots and dishes ready to be washed. Another key element often overlooked is the recycling bin, this is especially important in terrace houses where additional storage is limited. Dual bins that have room for general waste and recycling is a great option.

Rather than installing lots of standard cabinets, consider larger cabinets, they offer plenty of storage and work out to be much cheaper than two standard sized cupboards. Sectioning the kitchen off in designated areas will allow you to envision how you’ll use the space and in turn improve the ergonomics of the kitchen.

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